Borough: Brooklyn | Judge: Abena Darkeh

  • An ADA requested $1,500 bail for an employed single mother of three with no priors. She was charged with Assault in the 2nd and was alleged to have elbowed a school safety agent in the chest after a verbal altercation. Despite these details, coupled with the fact that she had waited for the police to arrive after the incident, the ADA deemed her a flight risk. The prosecutor also mentioned having spoken to defense about the accused’s inability to pay bail, this requested amount apparently being a reflection of having agreed to lowering it. Judge Darkeh ROR’d.

  • $2,000 bail was asked for in a case in which a defendant had been described by police as having been extremely cooperative and having demonstrated immediate remorse for her actions. The accused had used a credit card she found in a lost wallet. Once confronted by police at her home, she took responsibility for her actions and returned the wallet back with all of its belongings. Despite these facts, the ADA decided to charge this as a felony. Even as an SSI recipient with no previous warrants, and with her daughter and grandson present in the courtroom, Judge Darkeh set bail at $1,500.

  • An ADA argued for $2,500 bail for a man charged with Public Lewdness, for allegedly masturbating in public. A doctor was present with the defense in order to attest to the defendant’s mental health issues, and to plead that the accused be released into immediate treatment. The public defender further argued that bail should be lowered to $300 at most to better reflect the defendant's income. Judge Darkeh set bail at $1,500.

  • Judge Darkeh called out an ADA for using allegations from a separate incident while attempting to argue for bail, one for which the defendant was not arrested for and not reflected in the charges. She stated that she would take into consideration that the DA had decided not to pursue charges in the incident being described.

Borough: Brooklyn | Judge: Edwards | ADA: Denise Montano

  • ADA Montano argued for $7,500 bail for a man charged with Assault in the 2nd after an altercation with a psychiatrist at a hospital. A full order of protection (OOP) was also requested. The man, who resided in a shelter, needed access to medical treatment at the hospital, which the full OOP would ban him from going to. The PD further argued that it would be in everyone’s best interest if the defendant were ROR’d and given access to city social services. Judge Edwards set $1,000 bail.

Borough: Manhattan | Judge: David Frey | ADA: Devin Barrett

  • ADA Barrett requested $15,000 bail for a black man charged with Burglary in the 3rd, with the ADA citing the man's previous misdemeanors and arguing that the defendant was a “flight risk” because he had “out of state connections.” Although the defense highlighted his nonviolent history and lack of felonies, Judge Frey set $10,000 bail.

  • ADA Barrett asked that $5,000 bail be set for a man caught with driving on a suspended license for the second time. The prosecution stated that bail was necessary because he’d been arrested two years ago by the same officer for the same offense. Newly employed, with four friends present in the courtroom, and with a promise to pay his tickets, Judge Frey ROR’d.

  • ADA Barrett requested $25,000 for a 16-year-old charged with Assault and Robbery. With no criminal record and his mother present in the courtroom, the Judge ROR’d.

  • $15,000 bail was requested for a man alleged to have stolen food items and physically injured a security guard. The defendant had three open cases but no prior convictions. The public defender contested that the guard was overly aggressive and also went on to detail the various ways the in which the client had overcome a very difficult life, pointing out the significant achievements made in spite of it. Judge Frey set bail at $5,000.

Borough: Manhattan | Judge: Martinez Alonso | ADA: Julia Cohen

  • A young black man was offered a plea with a sentence of 90 days in jail for possessing Marijuana and for having a switchblade, both misdemeanor charges. The offer was declined, so ADA Cohen went on to request $3,500 bail. Judge Alonso ROR’d.

  • The ADA then requested $1,500 for another young black male charged with both a Marijuana and misdemeanor weapons charge. The Judge ROR’d.