Manhattan | Judge: Martinez Alonso | ADA: Angelica Tillander

  • ADA Tillander requested $25k bail for a Black man charged with Robbery in the 2nd, citing his priors and alleged evidence. The defense contested the strength of the evidence, and detailed that the accused was employed with strong ties to the community, had family present in the courtroom, was on probation and unable to post such high bail. Judge Alonso set bail at $5k.

  • ADA Tillander argued for $5k bail, or supervised release, for a Black woman charged with Grand Larceny and Sale of Tear Gas, citing her prior misdemeanors and warrants. She had family present in the courtroom and her attorney stated she’d be unable to pay bail, so Judge Alonso ROR’d.

Manhattan | Judge: Martinez Alonso | ADA: Stephanie Ritters

  • $50k bail was requested for a Black man charged with Robbery, Assault and Trespassing for a Domestic Violence incident. The prosecution argued on the basis of his past and the severity of the current case. Citing that there was no proof of injury to warrant the assault charge and highlighting that the accused had never missed a court date, and denies/contests the charges. Bail was set at $10k bond/ $5k cash.

  • $15k bail was requested for a Latinx man charged with assault in a DV case, even though the accused walked into the precinct with his son and wife (complainant) to turn himself in, had never been arrested, has been living at the same address with his wife for 16 years, and is an employed father of two. ADA Ritter’s basis for this high bail was the severity of the current charge. A full order of protection was ordered and the judge ROR’d

  • A young Latinx man was charged with Theft of Services for jumping a turnstile. He took a plea and received time served with 3 days of CASES.

Manhattan | Judge: Unknown | ADA: Alexander Rias

  • ADA Rias requested $30k bail for a young black woman charged with assault. She had no priors, a mother of two with a four month old and a foster son. She has held the same job for 12 years helping disabled people and there was no way she’d be able to pay the amount of bail requested by the ADA. Her attorney also argued that she was herself the victim of an abusive relationship. Thankfully, the judge ROR'd.

Manhattan | Judge: Richard Cy | ADA: Unknown

  • The ADA offered a plea and 20 days in jail for a Latinx man charged with criminal trespassing in the third, after he jumped in the subway tracks for a phone charger. The case resolved with a guilty plea and time served.

  • One watcher noted that they “saw a cop pull up a picture of Jar Jar Banks to compare it to a detained person on their computer screen.”

Manhattan | Judge: James Clynes | ADA: Kathleen Creswick

  • $40k bail was requested for a Black man charged with 3rd degree drug possession. Prosecutors alleged the man sold a bag of crack and possessed 29 twists. The public defender made clear there was no way their client could afford such high bail, acknowledging the severity of the charges and requested bail be set at a more reasonable amount. Judge Clynes set bail at $20k.

  • ADA Creswick requested $25k for a young Black man charged with gang assault. The accused was a chef in training with a two-month-old son, and his public defender asked that bail be lowered to $10k at most so he could have a chance of posting bail. Judge set bail at $25k. Court Watchers reflected that this openly nixed the individual's ability to be able to leave, basically remanding him.

  • One marijuana possession in the 5th charge was “dismissed in the interest of justice.”

  • A 75-year-old black man charged with domestic violence assault kept wanting to address the court/ judge for himself, trying to explain his situation. The judge repeatedly warned him to be careful and that it was not advisable for him to speak for himself. Court watchers noted “in the end, we are not really here to hear from him, although it’s his life that’s being debated and judged."

Brooklyn | Judge: Deepa Ambekar | ADA: Unknown

  • A Black man was charged with Tampering with Evidence for allegedly throwing away a pipe after a police informant asked to see it. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5 days jail.

Brooklyn | Judge: Deepa Ambekar | ADA: Tziyonah Langsam

  • $25k bail was requested for a 19-year-old black woman charged with robbery and assault. She was a single mother, taking GED courses and looking for work. Judge Ambekar set $7,500 bond/$5,000 cash bail.