Cases of Note

A prosecutor requested $20K bail in a case in Brooklyn where an elderly black man was charged with petit larceny, assault on a police officer, and resisting arrest after allegedly stealing 34 deodorants from Walgreens. Although the accused has misdemeanors and other felonies on his record, plus four other open cases, the defense noted that their client is on disability, lives with their mother and has doctor’s appointments twice a week. The accused was ROR'd.

A Brooklyn man was charged with driving without a license, possession of burglary tools, and possession of a blank check after a plainclothes officer in an unmarked vehicle pulled him over for failure to signal for a parking spot. ADA requested $2,500 bail, but $1 bail was set at public defender’s request. A court watcher noted Judge Laura Johnson saying: “Sounds like a terrible search to me.”

A black man plead guilty in Manhattan for a petit larceny (shoplifting) charge over toenail cream. DA requested either CASES Newstart program or 10 days jail time. Man sentenced to mandatory program, or potentially have to spend 10 days in jail, for stealing toenail cream.

Prosecutor requested $5,000 bail for black woman who was arrested on charges of possession of firearm and some drug possession charges. The accused, however, says she was babysitting a relative and claims the items in question were not their own and they cannot be held responsible for a gun in the residence. The accused claims when one of their family members had an altercation with the police the officer stated, “now we’re taking you all in,” and arrested everyone in the house as retaliation. The prosecutor brings up accused's past cases/convictions but defense mentions accused's previous felony is being dismissed due to lack of evidence and also their enrollment in PLAN program. The defense requested the accused be ROR'd and the Judge consented to ROR but noted that “all bets are off” if she misses her next court date.

Individual with a private attorney in Brooklyn charged with Menacing in the 2nd Degree. Prosecution requested the accused be ROR'd with an order of protection and the Judge consented to ROR with no order of protection.