Brooklyn Criminal Court, February 2019

Brooklyn Criminal Court, February 2019

>> On Tuesday, February 19th 2019, a black man between the age of 35-44 was brought up on petit larceny and drug charges. ADA Rossman requested to sentence the man to 90 days in jail, for a disorderly conduct violation. The defense rejected this resolution and argued that the accused’s prior convictions were in 2005 and 2009 and instead, the man needed help due to his physical and mental health problems and that penalizing him would not improve the situation. ADA Rossman requested $3,500 bail, arguably due to prior arrests/convictions and having current open cases. The defense further argued that bail would hurt his client financially. The man would not be able to afford the bail and he could end up losing his apartment. Due to the accused’s inability to afford bail along with his physical and mental health problems, his defense attorney requested ROR or supervised release instead. Judge Petersen seemed to agree with the defense and was seemed interested in avoiding a sentencing that resulted in jail time. The judge adjourned the case to MBTC for drug treatment and issued three full orders of protection.

>> In another case, there was a brief fight over misgendering of an accused person. Everyone in court kept referring to the accused as “she” and although the accused continued to say “I am a man” no one clarified or amended how they referred to the individual.

>> In Brooklyn, a black man and a black woman were charged with petit larceny for shoplifting $216.00 worth of food. ADA Rossman recommended that one individual plea to a disorderly conduct violation and the other plea to the top charge, with time served for both. The defense attorney and Judge Petersen accepted the DA’s sentence. The case resolved with both accused people taking a plea and both were ordered to pay $250.00 by May 31st. Court watchers wondered if the accused would be able to pay the $250 fine, considering they were arrested for allegedly shoplifting food (seemingly a crime of poverty).

>> A Latinx man between the age of 45 and 54, was charged for robbery and assault. The ADA requested $2,500 bail, citing that the man was a high risk due to prior convictions. Defense rejected this saying that everything on the man's rap sheet was wrong and his 2013 charge was actually an error. The defense requested the accused be released (ROR'd), citing ties to the community and the fact that the man is currently on parole/probation. Judge Petersen set $5,000 bail and issued a full order of protection.